How To Update Oxyblock Core

In that case you have to manually update Oxyblock Core as outlined below. As the Tokens, Utility and Components plugin.

Manual Update

  1. Download the latest version of Oxyblock Core from the "Downloads" tab of the documentation (
  2. In your WordPress dashboard go to "Appearance > Themes". Click "Add New".
  3. On the next screen click "Upload Theme". Now select the ob-core-{type}.zip theme file you just downloaded from your computer.
  4. Click "Install now".
  5. If you have uploaded a previous version of Oxyblock Core, you should see a comparison between the current theme and the uploaded one. Click "Replace current version with uploaded version" to replace the old version with the newly uploaded one.
Apr 11, 2023

Release 0.2.4

Changed the order of the css in the html: Tokens, Components and Utility.

Mar 31, 2024

Release 0.2.3

In Oxyblock Core, the Tokens, Utility and Components plugins have been unified, allowing for more efficient management of essential functions. In addition, an administration plan has been incorporated, allowing you to easily select the desired function.

Oct 11, 2024

Release 0.2.2

Full Changelog:

  • To the .swiper class, the user-select property was added.
  • The .ob-menu-bar class, the font-weight: bold in the hover has been removed.
Sep 1, 2024

Release 0.2.1

Full Changelog:

  • ob-list component changed the flex-direction property: row to flex-direction: column
  • Error in the .flex-col and .flex-col-reserve property error, the name of the property was incorrect
Aug 22, 2022

Release 0.2.0

Full Changelog:

  • Added to the body tag the background-color property with --ob-body-light variable and also in the Dark Mode the --ob-body-dark variable was added.
  • Added to the Transition Property group of classes the transition-timing-function and transition-duration property.
  • Added the class .ob-light-show and .ob-dark-show to be able to show or hide the image in Light or Dark mode.
  • Added the .ob-link class and its modifiers .is-primary, .is-secondary and .is-hover.
  • Added the Avatar component with the .ob-avatar class.
  • Added the Icon Bar component with the .ob-icon-bar class.
  • Added List component with class .ob-list
  • Added Menu Bar component with class .ob-menu-bar
  • Added the Divider component with class .ob-divider
  • Added the Icon Block component with the class .ob-icon-block
  • Modified the --ob-black-emph-low tokens opacity value from 0.5 to 0.4
  • Interactivity class group changed its position at the end of the css file.
  • Added to the .ob-btn class the flex-direction: row property.
  • Removed the --ob-size-0 and --ob-size-none tokens
Jun 27, 2022

Initial Release

Official Launch of Oxyblock Core Tokens and Utility

Full Changelog:

  • Add tokens Breakpoints
  • Add tokens Typography
  • Add tokens Sizes
  • Add tokens Colors
  • Add tokens Colors Schemes
  • Add tokens Shadows
  • Add tokens Borders
  • Add tokens Filters
  • Add utility Layout
  • Add utility Flexbox & Grid
  • Add utility Spacing
  • Add utility Sizing
  • Add utility Typography
  • Add utility Backgrounds
  • Add utility Borders
  • Add utility Effects
  • Add utility Filters
  • Add utility Transitions & Animation
  • Add utility Transforms
  • Add utility Interactivity
Jun 21, 2022

Release 0.1.3

Jun 21, 2022

Release 0.1.2

Jun 21, 2022

Release 0.1.1

Jun 21, 2022

Release 0.1.0